The Center for Eastern European Studies (CEES) is a center for exchange and information about current events in Eastern Europe at the University of Zurich. Via open-access publications, conferences, communications activities, and consultancy work, the CEES provides orientational knowledge for an audience of political and corporate decisionmakers and the interested public.

CEES Analyses

    No. 293: How to Study Russia

    The articles in the current issue of RAD focus on changes in the field of Russian Studies. Some of these changes were already underway before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but were accelerated by the war and its impact on the discipline. With contributions by Marlene Laruelle, Kevin Limonier, Johanne Kalsaas, Robert W. Orttung and Ivan Grek.


    No. 292: The Value of Public Opinion Polls

    This issue focuses on the methodological challenges of wartime polling in Russia. The authors of the eight contributions include: Denis Volkov, Bryn Rosenfeld, Jeremy Morris, Heiko Pleines, Anna Biriukova, Elena Koneva, Alexander Chilingaryan, Aleksei Miniailo, Emil Kamalov, Ivetta Sergeeva, Margarita Zavadskaya, and Veronica Kostenko.

    CAD 131: Informality and Informal Practices in the Time of COVID-​19: The Case of Georgia

    This issue deals with informal and formal practices in the time of COVID-​19 looking at the case of Georgia. With contributions by Irakli Korkia, Rhiannon Segar, and Tamar Tolordava.

    New Study

      Russia's Future as an Energy Power

      Jeronim Perović: Russia's Future as an Energy Power, CSS Analyses in Security Policy, No. 316, Zurich: ETH Center for Security Studies, December 2022.

      CEES Book series: Osteuropa in Geschichte und Gegenwart

        Volume 11: Moscow's (In)Existent Middle Class

        Bernhard Braun: Moskaus (in)existente Mittelschicht. Eine Ethnographie. Mit einem Vorwort von Elisabeth Schimpfössl, Wien, Köln: Böhlau, 2022 (E-Book), 2023

        Volume 10: Fulfillment of Duty

        Michael Galbas: Pflichterfüllung. Erinnerungen an den sowjetischen Afghanistankrieg in Russland, Wien, Köln: Böhlau, 2022